Kick Out Liow Tiong Lai from Bentong!

Only 379 votes stand between us. We are determined to win this seat with your help!

RM3,780.00 Raised 3.78%
RM100,000.00 Goal
18 Days to Go
Bentong, Malaysia Contribute Now

Help Rural Voters Understand 1MDB – Mother of All BN Scandals

Fund this effort to distribute leaflets on the facts and scale of the 1MDB scandal.

RM6,350.00 Raised 7.06%
RM90,000.00 Goal
18 Days to Go
DAP HQ, Malaysia Contribute Now

Unseat Chua Tee Yong in Labis

The tipping point to unseat BN in Labis is within reach! Help us win this seat in the coming election!

RM551.00 Raised 0.55%
RM100,000.00 Goal
18 Days to Go
Labis, Johor, Malaysia Contribute Now

The Battle of Ayer Hitam

GE14 is a do-or-die battle for a better Malaysia. And let's use Ayer Hitam as the starting point for the renewal of our nation.

RM40,176.00 Raised 40.18%
RM100,000.00 Goal
18 Days to Go
Ayer Hitam, Malaysia Contribute Now

Topple BN from the Highlands

BN has been losing support in this seat for the past 2 General Elections. They have managed to cling on to the seat in the last election by a meagre majority of 462.  

RM1,020.00 Raised 1.02%
RM100,000.00 Goal
18 Days to Go
Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia Contribute Now

Defend Raub, Stop Chew Mei Fun

Defend the gains we made in the last election as a stepping stone towards winning Putrajaya.

RM730.00 Raised 0.73%
RM100,000.00 Goal
18 Days to Go
Raub, Malaysia Contribute Now

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