W Service HQ – 1000 msg



Internet use is above average at 69%.

Fairly sticky online with 4.6 hours spent on desktop and 3.6 hours on mobile.

Fairly active on social media: 3 hours.

Smartphone and feature phone usage are high.


W Service x 1000 msg

Text Blasting Service – We can help u to send text message to your targeted client with W in their mobile device.

W Image Blasting Service – We can help u to send image message to your targeted client to their mobile device.

4 easy step to get it

  1. Get your Target audience
  2. Add to Cart and make a payments
  3. Fill in the detail – Submit the campaign detail and database
  4. Send/Reach target audience



Rm0.05 = 1 Credit

*only text (800 Charters) = 1 credit
*only image (1mb Max) = 1 credit
*image ( 1mb) + text ( 80 Charters) = 1 Credit
*video / pdf = 2 Credit

Q and A

Q: How Long would it required to blast 5000 message

A: Depending on our server load. For a 5,000 message blast, it will usually take an average of 12 to 24 hours to complete. 

Q:we noted certain messages are not immediately delivered
A:Due to delay in response time and servers propagation between ours and WhatsApp, this is a normal incidence. Having said that, all our messages will be delivered within a 24 hours timeframe.

Q:Are all messages guaranteed delivered?
A:We are unable to guarantee all messages to be sent as certain messages may lost during server data transfers. Our experience have indicated that, this is usually approx 1.5-2.5%

Q:Are you certified from whatsApp?
A:No, we have no affiliation with WhatsApp. Our servers are independent from WhatsApp and we have strict protocol on our gateway channels.



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